Meeting Point

Common to all operations

Kinugawa Onsen Station

All KINUGAWA OPEN TOP BUS buses arrive and depart from Platform 10 at Kinugawa Onsen Station. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before departure and check in at the reception desk.
*With the exception of early morning operation, boarding and alighting are not possible outside of Kinugawa Onsen Station.

Early morning operation only

You can get on and off at the following stations other than Kinugawa-Onsen Station only for early morning flights. Please be sure to specify when making a reservation as the bus will pass through places that have not been reserved in advance. Also, the departure time may vary slightly depending on the reservation status, but please be sure to come by 6:30.
*There are no attendants at the boarding and alighting locations other than Kinugawa Onsen Station, so please be sure to come by 6:30 and wait for the bus to arrive.

① Kinugawa Onsen Station
Kinugawa Park Hotels, Nikko Kinugawa Hotel Mikazuki, Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel, Magokoro no Yado Nanae Yae, etc.
② Fureaibashi bus stop
Itoen Hotel New Sakura, Kinugawa Onsen Sanraku, Hotel Kinugawa Gyoen, etc.
③ Kinugawa Grand Hotel entrance
Kinugawa Grand Hotel Yume no Toki, Hotel Kinu, etc.
④ Kinu Great Suspension Bridge Entrance
Hotel Manyotei, Kinugawa Fudotaki, Hotel Tsuganoki, Hotel Sunshine Kinugawa, Kinugawa Royal Hotel, etc.
⑤ Kinugawa Power Station bus stop
Hotel New Ohruri, Hotel Otaki, Kinugawa Kanko Hotel, Hotel Shirakawa Yunokura, Monogusa no Yado Hanasenkyo, etc.
⑥ Nakamachi bus stop
Kinugawa Plaza Hotel, Isshinkan, Kinugawa International Hotel, Kinugawa Onsen Hotel, Asaya Hotel, etc.
⑦ Kamitaki Iriguchi bus stop
Keiryu no Yado Ryokusui, Hana no Yado Matsu, Kinugawa Onsen Wakatake no Sho, etc.